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Our Engagement Business Model

Catalyst for Industry Productivity

Globalization has bought upon a need for business enterprises to compete in the global arena. The growth and success of these business enterprises depends on their competitiveness competing in the global market place. Factors such as regionalisation and deregularisation contribute the increase in the speed of change and volatility in business environments globally and in particular Malaysia and ASEAN.

In order for business enterprises to compete effectively in the global market place business enterprises needs to enhance their business productivity by reducing costs and improve services. As such, business enterprises’ striving to enhance their global competitiveness needs to enhance their business productivity so that they can compete effectively globally.

We will strive to produce new products and services that meet the needs of our productivity growth model for business enterprises. Our focus market will be the manufacturing sector, manufacturing and industrials services SMEs in the ASEAN countries.

Our Total Factor Productivity growth model drives business productivity through three productivity factor conditions:
• Physical Capital
• Human Capital
• Technology

In order to enhance total factor productivity of an organization, any increase in efficiency and lowering the costs of these input factors conditions, businesses will be able to increase its productivity levels. As such, our products and services are aligned to these input factor conditions.
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