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Corporate Overview


TFP Group since its inception has progressively and single-mindedly set out to continually innovate and evolve itself to be at the forefront of business productivity in IT industry. Transforming itself from a software developer into a software services provider, TFP has today truly reached the next stage of its transformation as a software services company whose reach is truly global.

With innovation comes growth, and with the new product and services our business driving this change, we stand poised to leverage and reap the rewards of our capabilities well ahead into the future.


We aspire to be the preferred solutions provider to increase "Total Factor Productivity" (TFP) for Businesses in ASEAN.


TFP Solutions group of companies specializes in Providing Business Productivity Solutions and Services for Business Enterprises. Our business proposition to our clients is to enhance the Total Factor Productivity of their businesses.

In order to achieve the business proposition, our business comprise of 2 main business pillars:
1. Business Management Solutions


In line with the Total Factor Productivity tagline, our Business Management Solutions (BMS) team provides sales, consultation, implementation, helpdesk and after-sales support and maintenance services for the various solutions in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Capital Management (HCM). Marketing to the Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), our knowledge workers have the necessary domain expertise in their respective subject matter; coupled with the best solutions the industry has from SAP, Microsoft and Oracle, we offer best in class solution to our customers the right solution at the right price.

2. Converged Infrastructure Solutions


Our Converged Infrastructure Solutions (CIS) team provides the following solutions:
• Enterprise Automation
• Information Lifecycle
• Service Management
• CLOUD Services


We offer a wide range of CIS products and services such as:
• Workspace Collaboration
• Directory Services
• Unified Communication
• BIG Data - Infrastructure
• Data Availability (BURA)
• Operation Analytics & Intelligence
• Business Performance Monitoring
• Data Centre Ecosystem
• Software Defined Enterprise
• Utility Computing Service
• Enterprise Mobility Platform


1. Our extensive industry expertise in business productivity
2. Our end to end business productivity products and our evolving service offerings
3. Our expertise in business productivity outsourcing for SME business enterprises
4. Proven and experienced management team
5. Growing regional presence with offices in ASEAN countries
6. Commitment to the long-term development of our employees


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