Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since our inception, TFP Group of companies has been contributing positively to the surrounding communities through various Corporate Social Responsibility (“CS R”) initiatives. Since the introduction of sustainability reporting by Bursa Malaysia, TFP has been committed to deliver long-term sustainable values with a view to grow and maintain successful business to all its stakeholders, including our shareholders, employees and the community. We recognize the importance to strike a sustainable balance between our business pursuits and incorporating sustainable values of workplace, marketplace, environment and community.


Community Engagement

TFP has always played its role in giving back to the community through various CSR programs in the past. In 2017, the Group collaborated with Autism Cafe Project (ACP) to raise awareness about autism and most importantly to embrace people with special needs into the workforce.
The Autism Café Project, was founded in August 2016 by Mohd Adli Yahya, father of an autistic child. Adli’s vision for the Autism Café Project is to provide a safe space for individuals with autism to undergo training to learn some basic skills and hopefully it will lead to some employment opportunities.
With the objective to amplify ACP’s effort, TFP worked with ACP on several corporate and customer events to promote the good cause. During such event, autism talk was presented. During the CIO Summit 2017 event, a few autistic youths were hired to run a popcorn stall and flyers were distributed. This initiative landed ACP with a few catering opportunities as well as an invitation to give a speech on Autism.
TFP recognises the importance to strike a harmonious balance between business pursuits and CSR. We believe that we can make a difference in the community. We hope there will be more businesses and individuals who will come forward and support this meaningful project – Autism Cafe Project.

Workplace Development

In TFP, employees are highly valued as assets. In this fast-moving marketplace, we believe that our efforts to cultivate and strengthen corporate culture will eventually attract and retain talents. The VGO Sports Club is set-up to organize staff gatherings, sports and other social activities throughout the year to bring together employees for a better working relationship.

We believe human capital development is vital for business continuity and sustainability as well as growth. The Group conducts regular performance assessments and provides talent development-related training to its Management and staff. Through various training programmes, workshops and seminars, employees acquire the right technical knowledge and skill to perform their duties professionally and efficiently.
As part of employee safety in our office, a safety and evacuation training is conducted annually to all employees to ensure safety procedures and compliance are adhered to.
The Group is committed to ensure fairness in career opportunities. This applies in the recruitment and disciplinary policies. The Group does not tolerate discrimination with regards to age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion or belief.


TFP is committed to educate and nurture the new generation and to prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce. The Group offers an internship programme for local colleges, technical schools and university students to gain experience and exposure from real-life working environment. The interns will then work with its various departments including project delivery, pre-sales and consulting. Apart from giving them a head start in their career, suitable interns offer job opportunities upon completion of their tertiary studies.



TFP continues it go “Green” campaign promoting and supporting of practices for the use of resources in an environmentally friendly manner.

  1. Paper reduction initiatives:
    Employees are encouraged to leverage on technology for communication and data record keeping. Hard copies of documents are generated on a need basis only. Printing papers are recycled and reused whenever possible.
  2. Recycle bins:
    Employees are encouraged to separate waste paper stationery and materials for recycling and reuse.
  3. Reduction of electrical power usage within the organisation:
    We are committed to reducing the organisation’s carbon emissions and constantly educate our employees on the importance of energy conservation. As such, our employees practice the habit of turning off the lights and air-conditioning when leaving for lunch and when locking up for the day.


TFP employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of propriety, integrity and conduct in all their business relationships with external stakeholders, such as our customers, suppliers and business partners. TFP is held to the same standard in its compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The Group recognises its responsibility in helping customers to make informed and correct decisions. We are cautious in marketing campaigns conducted to ensure accurate representations in all media used to support the sales of a product or service. We strictly review materials that are published and distributed to our customers. It is our business principle to ensure transparency and accountability in all our business undertakings, in line with good governance practices in the disclosure of information to our stakeholders.
We ensure that stakeholders are kept informed of the Group’s performance and have open channels for dialogues during our annual general meetings and feedback on our corporate website.

Moving Forward

TFP recognises that we are at the beginning of our sustainability journey and will continue to enhance our sustainability efforts. We recognize the importance of being a responsible and sustainable organisation and that it goes beyond measuring our financial performance. TFP Board and its Management are committed to this effort and we look forward to improving further on our sustainability efforts in the years to come.

Community Engagement

TFP firmly believes in making positive contributions towards the community, especially the underprivileged, the elderly and the less fortunate. In 2016, TFP CSR Programmes focused on contributing to these communities, both through direct financial support and through the support of our business partners and customers who organized various CSR campaigns and activities.