FWeX (Foreign Worker eXchange)

What is FWeX

FWeX is built on top of a FinTech platform which provides conveniences to foreign workers & strives to take care of their welfare after their arrival to Malaysia.

FWeX will provide a summary of correlated data views of  foreign workers employment, attendance data and remittance behavior in relation to their location of workplace

How would FWeX help stakeholders?

Important for us to maintain the image and credibility of the country without compromising the welfare and rights of workers as recommended by the International Labour Organization.


A platform for agencies to gather additional data for continuous monitoring & policy enhancement.

Can use the system to detect likely issues in which industry and take remedial action before the issue escalated.

Stakeholders can use the platform to reach the workers either for general announcement or specific message for relevant groups of workers.


A digital platform to manage the workers database and monitor status / validity of their work permit , passport and work / employment history.

System will provide them a communication channel to reach workers and a mechanism to monitor work related issues when it arises.


Provide a portal to allow employers to track FW recruitment status from the origin country , starting from selection of candidates , bio data of workers, interview session , medical report and flight information . 

Beside that , the FinTech platform which is tailored to suit FW, which covers mobile data bundled with prepaid Mastercard for ePayroll, e remittance and attendance tracking module.


An infrastructure which will allow workers to focus on work & provide a conducive environment which will bring benefits to the nation’s economy. 

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