POS System

An integrated and user-friendly system that simplify your business operations

Restaurant management

  • Suitable for different restaurant types: a la carte, buffet, quick service, and party service.
  • Applicable to different staff roles: receptionist, cashier, waitstaff, food runner, chef, and restaurant owner.
  • Supports management of inventory, outstanding, cost, and profit/loss.
  • Compatible with multiple devices: Computer, POS, tablet, smartphone, and smart TV.

Operation features

  • Full operation features for all types of restaurant/café such as a la carte, quick service, buffet, party service.
  • Features for delivery and takeaway orders.
  • Features for promotions such as free item, discount by item, discount by total bill.
  • Feature for price schedule.
  • View more than 40 analytic and statistical charts and reports on revenue, cost, profit/loss, procurment, inventory, serving capacity,… at anytime from anywhere by smartphone.


  • Available application (Android, iOS) for waitstaff will help reduce initial cost of devices for your restaurant.
  • Application on smartphone (Android, iOS) will help restaurant manager/owner to instantly view business reports anytime, anywhere.
  • Application on smart TV, tablet for food runner (DIB) and display system for kitchen (KDS) to timely follow items status.
  • Data entry speed and function speed are twice as fast as other softwares because has specific application for each type of device.
  • Run smoothly on computer, POS, tablet, phone even during internet disruption.

Retail management

  • Manage comprehensively sale in the shop and the whole chain

Operation features

  • Easy to consult, introduce items with digital catalogue.
  • Instantly check inventory.
  • Calculate quickly and exactly with bar code.
  • Automatically apply multiple promotion types: discount by item, bill, buy X offer Y, voucher,etc.
  • Integrate with e-payment method.
  • Manage return, exchange and delivery of items.
  • Manage shift, automatically create report in shift.
  • Check sales instantly on smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy to check, control loss and fraudulence upon sale.
  • Manage the whole chain with more than 40 reports on sales, costs, profit/loss, inventory.
  • Manage items, storehouse, purchase, promotion, debt, Pay-in/Pay-out, staff, customer.
  • Easily update product information, image, price by colour, size, and material,etc.
  • Automatically organize items by type, category, sex, age Support printing label.
  • Control stock transfer among storehouses in the chain.
  • Manage inventory under minimum level.
  • Track stock receipt, issue, inventory, checking by colour and size,etc.
  • Track and summarize quantity of items which need purchasing of the whole chain.
  • Manage order and track supplier debt.
  • Manage vouchers and gift cards.
  • Support multiple types of promotion: offer item, discount by item, by bill, buy M offer N, voucher, gift cards, etc.
  • Create messages quickly and easily.
  • Easily send gift codes, birthday message by customer category.
  • Easily exchange data with the accounting software, save time from entering data on both software.
  • Quickly issue e-invoices for the customer right on MShopKeeper.
  • Update the customer information: address, phone number, date of birth,etc.
  • Manage customer debt.
  • Track performance of each staff.
  • Assign roles, manage the staff profile.
  • More than 40 reports on sales, costs, profit/loss, inventory in the whole chain.
  • Manage items, inventory, purchase, promotion, customer in the whole chain.

Warehouse management

  • Warehouse Management System and software integration to many of retailing device such as barcode printer , price check terminal and hand held terminal.

Operation features

  • Provide details on current stock of items, reckon additional stock required to operate the business, do inventory cost estimations and provide an effiecient way to manage and control your inventory profit & margin.
  • Included several basic module like Purchase Order, Goods Receiving, Goods Return, Transfer In & Out, Stocks Adjustment and etc.
  • Live Sales result will allow you to plan & implement sucessful business strategy in your retail line.
  • Analyzing various auto generated detailed reports you can forecast sales in your store.
  • Configurable pricelist and discount rule for Discounts, vouchers and promotions.

POS Hardware